First update! New controls and smarter whales

raftraftraft has got its first proper update! This update brings the version, including the Windows download, up to date with the recently published Kongregate version.

Some of the changes:

First of all, the controls have changed. X is now used to paddle, while Z and C are mapped to toggle build mode. This is to accommodate for non-QWERTY keyboard layouts (X and C are adjacent on much more layouts than Z and X) Also, you should now hold down X to keep paddling rather than tap it.

Secondly, the whale behaves a little differently now. It will chase the raft instead of just mindlessly charging forward. Additionally, the whale’s speed (as well as the number of rocks spawned) now scales with the distance travelled, making the game harder as you progress. Finally, the whale moves slower when the raft is still – this is to give you a better chance of escaping, especially when swimming around to collect wood.

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